I would like to think I’m worthy of your love. 

Or am I just a worthless kid waiting on nothing? 

I’ve dreamt of us being together. 


Starting a family. 


I’m waiting. Still waiting.









I’ve been wanting a bundt pan for the longest time e v e r. Inbetween conversations with V, I would casually bring it up. Not as a hint(fo realz) but as a “I would like to have it but I wouldn’t buy it for myself because it’s too expensive but talking about it makes me happy”, topic. 

V: Want to go to the baking store? 


– Just going to a baking store makes me elated. 

Along the way to the store, I decided to double check if I brought my credit card/NETS. Dundundun…… I didn’t. 

S: Ermssss bao….. 

V: Mmm

S: I hope you brought cash because I didn’t. x_x 

V: Really ah? Then you bring wallet 没有用!? 

S: Hehe thank you la I pay you back. 

I already feel bad(30% only) for making him drive me to Bukit Timah and then pay for whatever I want to buy. 

This is worse than using a credit card! #firstworldproblems 

We’ll see how it goes!