I really do not understand the concept/reasoning/belief of fortune telling. Would you really believe a strangers opinion of you or your loved ones at the drop of a hat? No. Put that stranger in a context of a fortune teller. Will you believe it then? Yes. 

I just don’t fucking get it!!!!! WHY. You add ~25 years to the picture and you’re still harping on it. Why the fuck for?! Well all* of you can fuck off now because I’m his family. 

I really do not wish you any harm but truthfully, I do. May karma bite you in the ass before it bites be for cursing you. Pffffffft.

-insert long strew of vulgarities known to mankind- _|_


*a certain group of people.


20 Little Things That Let You Know It’s Love

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Because sometimes, them just saying that they love you just isn’t enough, and even if they do say it, we wind up dissecting every last nuance of each syllable with our friends like the world comes crashing down. And after all, actions speak louder than words.

1. Love is… the feeling that compels you you forgive your significant other for their deeply misguided taste in peanut butter, and purchase the smooth kind instead of the crunchy.

2. Caring enough about somebody to not sleep diagonally, but instead letting them have their share of the bed.

3. The truce you make with their evil cat, even though it makes your allergies act up and constantly stares you down as if they know you are not worthy. When you love someone, you look beyond the transgressions of their pet.

4. The emotion that convinces you to let the dog sleep on the…

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I ranted a whole lot to C today about V and his job and how our fights centred around it. 

For example, if he falls asleep 3 minutes into our Skype call, it can’t be helped because he’s tired from work and I shouldn’t get angry. 

For example, if he goes out for drinks and get home late, it can’t be helped because he never goes out for drinks with his friends and I shouldn’t get angry. 

For example, if he doesn’t reply immediately – or after 5 hours/1 day/5 days etc., it can’t be helped because he’s busy with work/out in the jungle/diving/parachuting and I shouldn’t get angry. 

Every single time I get angry, it’s a l w a y s about his job. 

C then told me that what if you guys get married and he might not be there at our child’s birth, their first steps, first words, first day of school…. Then it hit me, can I do this on my own? I used to think that I can do this because it’s been almost 3 years and its a part of my life. Then children had to come in the picture. 

But do I love him enough? 


Sometimes I feel like I’ve had enough, yet sometimes I feel like I should press on. 

3. Fucking. Years. 

Am I crazy or just have nothing better to do???? 

Fuck this. Fuck that. 


“Which part of your boyfriend’s job do you hate the most?” 

What?!! It’s like picking your favourite child! I hate e v e r y part of this job. 


But tonight, I exceptionally hate night dives. Pfffft. 

Big 3-0

Happy Birthday V. 

Yes, you seemed sexier this morning than the previous night. *just because* you turn 30. 

Stay young, stay safe, stay sexy. 

Always and all ways.