Having an ice cold beer while typing this post because I’m classy as fuck. Classy is me. Also, listening to a Cantonese song V introduced to me despite having no idea what it means. Classy.

This year has passed TOO QUICKLY. Not in the cliche kind of way but woah…. I was just having Fat Tuesdays on a 11 deg cold Vegas day missing my boyfriend, and now its the last day of 2013.

Knowing a shabu pot is the way to my heart, V brought me out for new year’s eve dinner! Lovely shabu swimming in my belly ❤ ❤

This year I’m grateful for the bounty the Lord has given me.

A gym membership which I have to make use of. A job with a stable pay. A house to stay in. A constant supply for food(of literally whatever I want). A bank account more than enough to feed my online shopping obsession. A chance to travel.

My mom, dad, brother and Shanna.

My colleagues. Friends(whoever is left).

My boyfriend.

2014 resolution? To treat myself better because I actually deserve it. Also, to lose weight. My resolution since 1992.

Also, I’ll be 22 years old. Kua kua thinking of marriage and children already. STAHP.

Blessed new years everyone. xxxxx


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