Made some jam today!!


Rhubarb and Elderflower jam.

Only 3 ingredients! Frozen(or fresh, doesn’t really matter) rhubarb, sugar and elderflower cordial. OH and water with you should have.

2lb rhubarb
2lb white granulated sugar
1cup water
5 tablespoons elderflower cordial

Yields 7 x 250g jars


1. Place rhubarb(if it’s frozen, you don’t need to defrost it) and water in a stock pot, preferably, so that the jam won’t spurt out.

This process takes some time. I used an induction cooker so it took about 8 minutes to let the rhubarb release some water and simmer.

In the mean time weigh out your sugar and prepare your mason jars!


I bought these mason jars at $1.90 each!

Get a large pot and fill it with water. It should cover the jars when placed inside. Ones bubbles form, you can place the jars, seal caps and rings in!


Get the water to a rolling boil and continue for at least 10 minutes.

This is when I added the sugar to the pot. Adding a little at a time, stirring constantly after each addition.

Simmer for 8 minutes and bring it up to a rolling boil. Do be careful when jams bubbles up. The spurts and might get onto your hands!

Fish the jars and lids out of the water and dry them completely with a tea towel. Geet a funnel and ladle ready for canning! *Although it won’t be ready for another 20~30 minutes, again, depending on stove*

Do not throw the pot of water away!! You’ll need it later when canning the jars.


Jam should be bubbling and starting to get sticky! Place a ceramic place in the freezer in the meantime.


Stir from time to time and skim off foam!

Please please please be careful when stirring boiling jam!!

To check it it’s set, take the ceramic plate from the freezer(hopefully it’s cold to touch!) and drop some jam on the the plate. Wait for about 30 seconds and touch the jam and see if a skin is formed.

Although, the “set-ness” really depends on how you like it. Repeat the steps and once the “set-ness” is to your liking, it’s done!

Add elderflower cordial and stir throughly through.

Remember that pot of water? Bring it up to a boil, in time to can the jars.

Ladle jam immediately into jars. Some jam may have dripped on the sides – make sure to clean them with a paper towel. Wipe rims of the jars clean of jam too! Place seal lids and tighten(really tighten) the jam lids!

The jars are really hot at this time so please be careful!


By this time(hopefully), the water in the pot is boiling. Place jars (don’t overcrowd!!) the pot and wat for a “pok” sound. Sometimes it’s loud, sometimes it’s soft. You can take them out of the pot and press the top. It it still bounces back, put it back it the pot till it pops!

Repeat until all jars are canned and leave them to cool completely.


Sugar is a natural preservative, so this should last up to a year. If it does turn mouldy, throw it away immediately!! Keep it in a cool dark place if unopened and in the refrigerator when opened.

I made jam solely for the purpose of gifting. I’m horrid at buying presents because I end up buying for myself instead :\


Wrapped the lid with brown paper(would’ve used cloth but I was lazy to get some) and tied it with twine. Added a tag and voila! GIFT.

All wrapping supplies from Art Friend!

I’m pleased with the results and I hope the giftees like them.

Till next (baking adventure) time!


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