I was listening to Kelly Clarkson’s new Christmas album, Wrapped in Red. I particularly love one song – 4 Carats.

It’s catchy and fast-paced and the lyrics really spoke to me.

“…You to bring me
Something shiny

Oh my diamond ring
Just a little something from Tiffany
Or a big ruby….

…Oh Santa make my Christmas theme
4 carats please”


Evidently, I played to everyone I know – including V so that they *hopefully* get the hint and probably, possibly, maybe….. They(mostly V), will get me a diamond ring. NOT for Christmas but…. You know….

*sidenote* I’m very straightforward with my hints. There’s nothing about being subtle in my messages.

S: I’ve been very into Christmas songs lately!!

V: But it’s not Christmas!

– This goes on for a few minutes.

S: OKOK listen to this one. Very nice.

V: What’s the title?

S: 4 carats!

V: 4 carats(carrots)? I give you 5 la!


V: Alright, 3?

S: Er ok la can.

V: 2? 1? 0.5? 0.25?

S: Eh you’re just pushing it!!! Might as well give me the silver band!

V: Ok I’ll buy for you 10 carats(carrots) tomorrow.

S: OHHHH MYYYY GODDDD OKAY THA….omg you meant carrots from the market! Arrrrgggghhhh.

V: We go wet market. Cheaper.

S: Walao I thought you’d bring me to some atas place to buy carrots…… Not even NTUC!

I don’t expect 10 carats though. Maybe 4? OK KIDDING. I accept however he buys for me hee hee.

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