Sunday off day.

Too late for a gym class(they had a 90 minute special fight club pffffft) so I just clocked in some cardio. V’s house and fridge is empty of food, including maggi mee, so I decided to do some grocery shopping. Bought those danish butter cookies(the one in the blue tin) because V has been dreaming of it, literally. Got some tuna, salad mix, potato….. Why am I even blogging this?!

Ate a salad.

Walked home from the mall.

Ate somemore(I blame my very sudden, very regular menstrual cycle)


Texted V. “Bao I’m bored”

YouTube. Grey’s. Glee. Masterchef US.


And looks like I’m not heading to Sydney anymore.

Adrupt end.


My heart is like asdfghjkl MAKE ME A BABY.