“Sweet dreams, baby,” I whispered, wrapping my arms over his around my middle.

His mouth curved against my neck. “My dreams already came true.”

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#16, #17

Fever then a migraine. Then a sore throat. Back to a fever. Now a raging DRY cough. Errrmaaaaggeeerrrrd WAI. 

I’ve been trying to convince V to give me his car. From buying it from him to offering to go to NTUC to buy snacks WITH MY OWN MONEY. 

Lots of childish conversations in between. 

V: This Christmas will be our third! So fast har…. 3 years already. 

S: No….. its only been 2.

V: Must you be so calculative?!!



He’s been eating SO much candy for no reason. Which is weird because he doesn’t particularly like sweet things.

S: (I turned around to sleep, away from him) Oei what are you eating? Can you don’t eat so nosily not!!! (He was niapping Fruitips OMG CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SOUND) 

*When I ask him to stop doing something, especially if I find it annoying, he will continue doing it BUT louder.*

V: Ok….. *NIAPS LOUDER* You want some? 

I was caught by surprise because he never offers – I have to ask!


V: Huh left 5 only. Ok I give you half *bites off half*

S: Knn you have 5 leh why can’t you just give me 1??

V: I eat so many already, just wanna eat more.

S: You keep the other half. No wonder always get toothache. Hope your teeth fall out and you have to go to the dentist.

*He is not scared of anything…… EXCEPT going to the dentist*

V: Don’t curse la pleaseeeeeeee okok I give you 2!!

S: Dowan I lazy brush teeth again. Eat yourself. 

V: Wa shiok ok. 




Why do I even love this man? 

729 plus 1


I can’t believe we’ve made it, V. We’re finally 2 years old!

These two years – has seen us through 2 car accidents, 2 birthdays(each), 2 Christmases, 2 new years, 2 Chinese new years( I’m waiting on my ang pao), 2 jobs(me) many many fights, countless disappearances(from V), laughter, tears, snores and farts…. You get the point.

One more day a year to recognize 729 other days of putting up with me, it doesn’t seem fair.

Happy 2nd anniversary mon amour xxxxx

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As long as stars are above you, And longer if I may

This song is on constant loop. It’ll be such a good song to play at weddings.

How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I can

How long will I need you
As long as the seasons need to
Follow their plan

How long will I want you
As long as you want me too
And longer by far

How long will I hold you
As long as your father told you
As long as you can

How long will I give to you
As long as I live through you
However long you say

Urrrgggghhh so so so good…..