So… Its been about 2 weeks since I last spoke to V. About a month, or 2, since I last touched him(I see him on Skype). After a while, I stop counting and think half-glass-full perspective. “He’s one day closer to home!” then suddenly feel immensely lonely.

Just when he texts me, he disappears after the fifth text. Feeling so so so frustrated but helpless at the same time.


Its a vicious cycle I tell you! When he gets back, he’ll be so tired. Which means he’ll sleep – and mostly over Skype. That will happen for 2 to 3 days then boom – disappear again. Da fug?


So today, he is back. Was out hanging out with a girlfriend and told him I’ll be back in 2 hours. Decided to Skype instead because he didn’t want to come fetch me. When I got home, I texted him….. No reply. Texted again…. You’ve guessed it.


I miss him so much…..

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