Here we go….


As much as I would like to have him around(even if it’s a Skype date) more often, the government wouldn’t allow it.

Everytime he mentions that he could die at any one time makes me so angry – because I don’t EVER want it to happen, frustrated – because I can’t do anything to stop/prevent this from happening and sad – because I really can’t imagine life without him.

Watched a couple’s vlog on YouTube about their lives(I’m boring like that) and felt……jealous.

Weird huh? Then I kepy chanting to myself, “don’t be so bitter Sam, what’s wrong with you?!!”

Abrupt ending while I text my boyfriend that I miss him very much.

OH with a quote that I saw on Tumblr….

“Today you sang for me
And it reminded me
Just how thankful I am
That you’re still alive”


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