What Are We Suppose To Do?

As usual, V went missing without any warning. Second time this week, 3 days in total. Got to talk to him for a bit last night but he was half awake, trying his best to entertain my chatter.

“Get used to it Sam, you chose to be with him.”, my subconscious nags at me.

“What to do?”, I replied.

Yes I do have a tendency to talk to myself.

Whenever the moon shines the brightest……..

That’s when I miss him the most.

Like tonight…..



Just Because

I love you
For all that you are
All that you have been
And all you’re yet to be.

Things We Say #12

S: Bao, I’ve always wanted to ask you something but I thought that it was a super stupid question but I better get it off my chest so that I don’t need to keep wondering and wondering.

V: Orh OK what thing? I’m prepared.

S: Do……you……have to…….go…….for…….reservist? OK LA I KNOW THE ANSWER BUT I JUST WANNA BE SURE.

V: Hello miss I’m IN SERVICE ask me go back service what??

S: Hahahahahahahaha that’s what I thought so.

V: At least you think before you speak.

S: You have no idea how long I wanted to ask you that question…… Hehe.

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One of Those Nights.

I hear a roar of an AMG engine at the carpark downstairs. Running out to catch a glimpse of my boyfriend, turns out he’s still seated in his car, waiting for the roof to go back up.

That only means he is tired. The only time he drives with the roof down is when he’s tired + falling asleep while driving.┬áDropped everything and ran into the bathroom for a quick shower.

I hear his footsteps. “Maybe he’ll come into the bathroom to say hi”, I thought to myself while quickly washing off foam off my face.┬áHe didn’t come in. “Maybe he went to do laundry”, while rinsing off quickly but cleanly.

Wrapping my head and body in a towel, “BAOOOOOO”, I exclaimed while running out of the toilet.┬áHe’s already in bed and asleep. “Its one of those nights again…..” I said to myself.

Slowly climbing over him and pulling up the computer, carefully and stealthily so that I don’t wake him up. Truth is, I wish I woke him up.

Wriggling and squirming as the laptop started up – he’s still dead asleep. “WEI……. BAO….”, hoping he’ll wake up so that I can talk to him for a bit. “Mmmm…. Sleep…” was his reply.

I understand he’s tired but…… It feels so damn lonely right now…..