Valentine’s – a 500 word rant on why it should be celebrated.

Ahhh here comes Valentine’s Day. Another consumerism holiday innit?

Everyone(or most people I know) says that you shouldn’t only shower your bf/gf/husband/wife/lover with love and gifts on Valentine’s Day but you should do it everyday. Truth be told, I don’t have the bank account to shower him gifts and more so, the energy to cook up a storm and clean the damn house everyday.

Swanky restaurants are a no-go for my boyfriend and I because I would rather him spend the money on something else and we could just go and eat tze char at the coffee shop. WHAT I DO LIKE is dessert. If he is willing to spend money on dessert, mmhm –  that man is a keeper.

Gifts. I wouldn’t mind gifts – who would! Present me gifts everyday if you could, I wouldn’t feel bad. However, if you don’t give me gifts, it would be perfectly alright too. Give me seedless grapes, I’ll be happy. Don’t make fun of my baby pillow, I’ll be DELIGHTED. Having a boyfriend with a less than perfect skin, THAT will be the cocoa powder on my tiramisu. Yes, I love tiramisu.

Enough about me. What would he like?

Would he like to go to a swanky restaurant? Maybe. Can I afford to bring him there? Sure, definitely  Would we enjoy it there? Probably not. So really, why waste the money. How about a nice lingerie set? That would skip dinner altogether.

Gifts. What do you really give a man? Clothes, shoes, watches…. With an expensive taste like his, I’ve told him never to expect an expensive gift from me and when I do actually give him an expensive gift, he would need to check his credit card immediately. Just sayin’.

To conclude my word vomit, Valentine’s Day is where you show what you don’t usually do on “normal” days. Like, going Downtown on his Abbey(if you know what I mean) – Thanks @TommyWee for the delightful pun that I understood immediately! Or not whine about him not giving you the gift you wanted. Didn’t you say he’s the greatest gift of all? Write him a letter. Scratch his back. Wake up together with him even if its 5am.

Fuck his brains out for a change…. Maybe…..


To my Valentine, thank you for loving me – all that I am. My flaws. You don’t know it but I count my blessings everyday because of you. So so so thankful you’re alive. Thank you for believing in me, being proud of what I do. Eating cake when you don’t like it just because I swear its the best ever. My wonderwall. I promise to ditch my baby pillow and hold your hand to sleep instead. I’ll sing you to sleep. I’ll be patient and understanding about your job. You’re on my mind, in between red lights and meetings, in between sips of coffee, in between ringing phones. I still get excited to talk to you when you get home.

I love you always, in all ways.


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