Things We Say #5, #6

V: Chan Shunyi your hair all over my floor laaaa so irritating.

S: Sorry I sweep.

V: Good ah shun. 顺便 mop la okay?

S: You don’t even have a mop at home. I’m having a hard time finding the broom even. Vacuum la better.

V: If I buy cleaning supplies will you clean my house for me?

S: I don’t even clean my room, you think I’ll clean your house?!!

V: I’ll pay you.


V: Ya quite…

S: ………….. No. Just gimme the money since you’ve had intentions to.

V: Eeyer don’t know why I love you one.

S: I love you too.

Idiot always want to get rid of my baby pillow. Cursing I’ll lose it every holiday I go to, threatening that it can never come to his house.

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