Its a love-hate relationship when it comes to the stories my bf tells me about his job.

Love, because he rarely, or more like cannot talks about work and FINALLY I get some insight of what he does.

Hate, because it breaks my heart and make me rethink about life.

Just yesterday I was talking about the new movie out in cinemas, The Impossible. He then told me he what happened when he went to help out in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

He is so brave……..

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Things We Say #7

V: When I’m not home with you, look up and find the moon. I’ll be looking at it too – thinking of you.

S: *tears well up*

V: Even when I’m amongst the leaves and frogs, murky ocean and the vast unknown of sharks/fishies/algae and probably dead people….

S: Mood killer leh you.

V: Don’t look so long ah. I have to concentrate on my mission one okay!

S: #1 mood killer lah walao.

V: Hahahahahahahahahaha

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Things We Say #5, #6

V: Chan Shunyi your hair all over my floor laaaa so irritating.

S: Sorry I sweep.

V: Good ah shun. 顺便 mop la okay?

S: You don’t even have a mop at home. I’m having a hard time finding the broom even. Vacuum la better.

V: If I buy cleaning supplies will you clean my house for me?

S: I don’t even clean my room, you think I’ll clean your house?!!

V: I’ll pay you.


V: Ya quite…

S: ………….. No. Just gimme the money since you’ve had intentions to.

V: Eeyer don’t know why I love you one.

S: I love you too.

Idiot always want to get rid of my baby pillow. Cursing I’ll lose it every holiday I go to, threatening that it can never come to his house.

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The little things that make me happy

1) When V randomly sings a song and continue to digress the history behind it and the meaning of the lyrics. Eg. 月亮代表我的心

2) Warmth

3) Checking to see my bank account has money.

4) Clean hair – which reminds me that I need to wash my hair.

5) Earl grey milk tea.

6) Sweet sweet nectar of water after a long day of talking to people.

7) Dinner.

8) 沈先生

9) Goodnights and I love yous.


Back to work.

Things we say #4

We’re getting ready for dinner and I see his uniform hanging without his epaulettes attached and I rarely see him in uniform and when I do, I’ll just be swooning and not paying attention to his epaulettes.

Epaulettes: is a type of ornamental shoulder piece or decoration used as insignia of rank by armed forces and other organizations.

S: how many crabs do you have?

V: don’t have la. Keep crab for what?

S: NOT THOSE CRABS. Crab ranking kind.

V: ohhh that one. Chilli crab my favourite!

S: eh you damn off topic all the time ehhh.

V: you talk about crab until I even more hungry!! Faster leh.

*abrupt end to conversation cos I was running to catch up with him until I forgot about it.

Till next time, this continues.

To you

Happy Birthday!!! I’m not allowed to disclose his age but there’s a 2 and a 9 in his age.

Unless he’s 92…… Weird.

To the bravest, handsomest man I know and love. Happy birthday mi amor. Stay young, stay safe and stay mighty sexy! I love you always and in all ways.

Things We Say #2, #3

S: Hey this Rolex nice or not? *pushes laptop over*

V: Eh not bad. You buying for me?

S: OK! *crawls over to get his credit card*

V: Trying to be funny ah you. Sure will buy something else somewhere later. *snatches credit card away*

S: I’ve taught you well!! Hehe.

V: You like what kind of smell? Floral? Spicy?

S: Gimme smell then I know!!

V: *Hands over 1 bottle*

S: Mmm! Nice.

V: Orh, next one you won’t like it already.


V: Damn chin chye. Everything also take take take. This bag eh? (He knows I don’t particularly choose pink)


P.S. It was a Kate Spade bag lololol. JUST TAKE LAH FREEEEEEEE.


Things we say #1

Short posts on the conversations V and I have to remember little nuggets of our lives together.

V: What are you looking at? – referring to a website

S: Tiffany’s website…. Hahaha.

V: Why not Rolex? There’s nothing on Tiffany’s to get for me!

S: Since when I’m getting you Tiffany’s… OR EVEN ROLEX? Are you getting me Tiffany’s? Huh huh huh huh?

Conversation ends with him singing awkwardly and I’ll nagging for an extravagant ring(that I know he won’t get for me)