Starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

17 days to Christmas. Not looking forward to the work that I have to do. 

Never have I been wanting the holidays to be over or better still, not come at all. I’m fine if work starts at 7am, get busy till 11am then have an hour for lunch, get back at 12pm and work till 3/4pm and head home to rest. BUT NO. I start at 7am and work till……. My boss says so. I don’t even get a damn stipulated time to go home!! I don’t get a lunch break, but I do get little pockets of mini breaks of just standing around and not doing anything.

I could go on and on about the woes of my job(or rather my workplace) but the internet is, unfortunately, on the World Wide Web.

I’m about to cry typing this.

I wouldn’t be typing this if I didn’t have to work tomorrow. Or Monday. MY OFF DAYS.

Goodnight goodnight.

Talking to V, hoping he’ll make things better.                                                             



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