Eventful year it has been for me.

From New York City to graduation to a new job to meeting new friends to family staying safe to being in love with the same person.

Although V could be home more often or my work hours shorter, 2012 has been pretty good to me. Typing this as I wait for V to come home – but in the back of my head, I know he isn’t because its already pass midnight. Off from work till 7th January and the past two days has been….alright. Sleep, TV, sleep, eat, wait, wait, wait, sleep.

Some wonder why I don’t post up pictures of V. You can think he’s imaginary but the truth is that he works in the army with high security and that is all that I can say. Waited a life time to “show off” my bf and until I get one, he can’t be shown off. -_-

No Christmas present from him, because I don’t want one – but in actual fact, I have no idea what to give a man who has everything. I did ask for a sponsorship of a new phone and he said he’d write a cheque(hehe) of $1k! I’m waiting for that to happen but if it doesn’t – he likes to entertain my craziness, I won’t be disappointed because I don’t expect it from him. I also asked for a blank cheque and he said wait long long. Waiting waiting…

Abrupt end to this post because…. I CAN.




Starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

17 days to Christmas. Not looking forward to the work that I have to do. 

Never have I been wanting the holidays to be over or better still, not come at all. I’m fine if work starts at 7am, get busy till 11am then have an hour for lunch, get back at 12pm and work till 3/4pm and head home to rest. BUT NO. I start at 7am and work till……. My boss says so. I don’t even get a damn stipulated time to go home!! I don’t get a lunch break, but I do get little pockets of mini breaks of just standing around and not doing anything.

I could go on and on about the woes of my job(or rather my workplace) but the internet is, unfortunately, on the World Wide Web.

I’m about to cry typing this.

I wouldn’t be typing this if I didn’t have to work tomorrow. Or Monday. MY OFF DAYS.

Goodnight goodnight.

Talking to V, hoping he’ll make things better.                                                             


Lego House

By Ed Sheeran. Stumbled upon that song today on my spanking brand new iPod! Got it limited edition(for online) in Red plus an engraving of my favourite quote from E.E. Cummings! Thank you le boyfriend because I can’t seem to revive after my trip to NYC. Still poor…… Meh.

My previous iPod Touch(I currently have the new 7th Gen Nano!) lasted a good 6 years and 10 months. Was a pretty rich 14 year old back then and could afford the smallest GB iPod. It became my life because that was the first thing that I bought on my own, without loaning from anyone! The last few years with my iPod, it got thrown everywhere, scratched, battered and bruised. Maybe a little water logged. Dented too. It served my well but it deserves a rest. Somewhere. In my room. Or I could sell it to the ah beng handphone shop. Hahaha. It had the first screen protector ever! So it wasn’t in a complete disaster as I thought it was. Hehe. Sucky thing is that it uses the new lightning cable. Can’t lose/spoil/ruin it cos there is no cheaper versions of it besides the original Apple one.

Waiting for V to get back home so I can sleep. Back to work tomorrow after a bad fever/cold episode. Second time in 7 weeks? Cough is starting up all of a sudden too. Just need to work for 20 days (OT, inevitably) and my life will get a little easier. Focus on earning money and LAS VEGAS HERE I COME.

Been farting recently…… Hmmm…. Okay too much information.