Giving Thanks

It was Thanksgiving yesterday and I’ve never celebrated it before or shown appreciation upon it. But its different this year because I have lots and lots of things to be thankful for.

Didn’t have the traditional Thanksgiving dinner but if eating fish and rice alone is close enough. 2011 to 2012, and then realising the meaning of Thanksgiving, so many things have happened. 365(almost) days just whizzed passed and 2013 is in 1.5 months away. That’s when I’ll be a year older and I pray to be wiser.

This year, I’m thankful for my parents for their continuous support – seeing me to graduation. Especially my mom. YES IN 2012, I FINALLY GRADUATED!! Let’s be frank, without them I’ll be no where I am today. All the flying around the world the past 20 years will definitely amount to a lot of money. Thank you mom and dad for this amazing, nothing more I could ask for having this opportunity. Thank you for bringing me to see the world and see how it really looks like.

I’m also thankful V for being NOT being a stereotype man I thought that they were. Maybe because he’s older and wiser and have gone through a lot in his life. Thankful for him being alive. Thankful for STAYING alive. Thankful for meeting him. Thankful for everything he’s done for/said to me. 1 year together feels like eternity with his constant absence but its getting a little easier now. So happy he believes in me whenever I nag about work and how stressful and tiring(but at the back of my head, its nothing as compared to his). Proud of me when my sales pitch got through and the praises I’ve received. Loves my small eyes and raw face when I don’t put makeup. Forever his “pwetty bao” – which makes me so shy hehe. Wow this paragraph is longer than my parents’ one!

My boss. The best I’ve come across. Doing everything from A to Z. In awe of her persistence to do the business and the optimism she channels during work. Its one hell of a tiring job to bake and also to manage the shop but really, a job well done. Sticking with her in the long run will do me good, somehow. Trusting me to take over operations will be a plus but I’m grateful to be in this journey with her, bringing the business to better light. One of the may reasons why I chose baking as a career is to see people’s faces light up when they eat your product. When they talk about how amazing it is. Especially if they tell their friends and their friends tell their friends. Job satisfaction, I call it.

Today is Black Friday and that means F21 is giving an extra 50% off!!! Just checked out of Jipaban and that was the fastest I’ve ever shopped!

Waiting for V to get home…. Again.



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