Patience x Love

Don’t want to start my sentence with “love is” because we all have different perspective of love and sure, you don’t have to agree with me.

But this is my perspective.

We have five senses. Touch, smell, taste, feel and hear. Four out of five senses requires a physical action. From what I know, majority of people need those four senses for love. To me, the most important is to hear. To hear from my boyfriend is enough. Yup, I’m that easily satisfied. We don’t see each other much. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t live in different countries/states. We don’t live hours and hours away. In fact, we live maybe 30 minutes drive away from each other. Singapore is SO small.

Why don’t we see is other as often? His job. I don’t know how to put this in “safe” words but he’s in the army with high security. I say I’m fine by it but in actual fact, I’m Dying. With a capital D. I’m one of those girls that need affection and attention. The girl who needs their boyfriend to be on call at all times 24/7. The girl that imagination goes wild if their boyfriend goes missing for 5 hours, but actually he’s sleeping.

Till I met him, everything changed. Mindset, tolerance and my whole perspective on love. His job is high risked, so life is in danger. One life, that’s all you have and my boyfriend is putting it all on the line. I’ve learnt to let go. It gets frustrating at times but I bite my tongue and tell myself to stop it. Stop being so obsessive and he’ll come home when it’s time.

Just sleeping on Skype, hearing him snore(we renamed it to “slow rock” or “metal music” or “rock concert” because snore is too….. Crude? Lol) or fumble, fidget or sleep talk, mumble or groan about his aching knee….. That makes me happy. Despite him falling asleep while I’m happily chatting, I understand that he’s tired and wouldn’t intentionally fall asleep.

He waits for me to get home at 4am after a girls’ night out even if had a long day at work. He gets angry with me for my childish ways but forgives because there’s more that fighting in this relationship. Never have I given so much in a relationship. Patience is one of them. One thing I seem to lack before I met him.

Patience x Love. That’s what love is to me.

To me, waiting for him to come home after a 2 week mission and hearing him having his “metal concert”, that is love. Not only did it lull me to sleep….. It also told him that he’s still alive.

I love you V. In so many ways.


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