Spend half(what it feels like) my life waiting for people, things to get done, food, transport…. I could go on. Like right now, I’m waiting for V to get home. Knowing that I’ll fall asleep while waiting and wake up without a text from him, I still wait. Sick and hungry and pining for him. That is not what I envisioned myself to be. 

Nose dripping and a solid fever, all I want is for him to be at my side. Even though he’s tired, I’d make do with his slow rock snoring and sleep mumbles. Or just the breathing. Breathing is good. Or maybe to know that he’s alive would be the best. Ah ok the possessive girlfriend has been unleashed.

Currently shopping online for candles. Candles ok, not clothes. I’m done with that for the year. Maybe-ish. Hehe. Great christmas presents, I feel! 

Abrupt end to this post because I don’t have the feel anymore. Just recently I signed up for twitter again and I just wasn’t feeling it!!! 



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