Putting it all in words.

Its been an awful long time since I’ve last blogged. A year? 2 years? Maybe 4. So young then. So naive.

From Blogger to Livejournal, Tumblr and finally to WordPress. Did some lazy re-blogging stuff from Tumblr for a while then it got tedious. Pictures cannot suffice my thoughts. I will….. Go crazy. Weirdly enough, I do not have ANY social media platform. No Facebook, Twitter… What else is new there? Pin-trest? Kik? I feel like an old lady.

Even my father has Facebook. I’m just anti-social that way. Although I’m constantly hooked on my Blackberry(ahem, not iPhone), chatting to V on BBM and crazy conversations on Whatsapp, I’m old school – when it comes to keeping in touch and communication with one another. I prefer texts to tweets, emails to FB messages, calls to tags. It feels more sincere! And I have a hard time keeping out with live FB updates and Twitter feeds.

8th September, 4am. This feels special. Listening to Yiruma, a fantas-magi-zing(a combination of fantastic, magical and amazing) Korean pianist that V introduced me to. Must hear!! Check him out on YouTube! If I figure out how to upload music here(I hope there is a feature!) I’ll share it with you guys……whoever is reading.

Its a totally different side of me, as opposed to what my friends know me for. Hope this doesn’t come to a shock to them! Har har harrrr.

More adventures to come. Exams, work, holidays. Love, life, friends.

Time to download the WordPress app on my Blackberry!



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